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Fantastic interview with Rob Hornstra on Landscape Stories:

LS: What are your influences, photographic or otherwise?

RH: I always try to find answers on two questions: The first one is ‘Why do I want to tell stories?’ and the second one is ‘Why do I tell these stories in the way I do?’. The first question is not so much about being influenced; it is more about the motivation (or drive) behind your work. The second question is about the way of working or about the style in which you choose to work. Speaking about this, I can be influenced by anything. It can be the work of an artist or documentary maker. It can also be an article in a newspaper or a person I met at the supermarket. I know that my style (the way I work) is shifting, although it does not change with big steps. To give you a very simple example: If you look to my graduation book Communism & Cowgirls (www.issuu.com/borotov) you will see that I only made vertical photos (except for one). I just did not know how to handle the horizontal format. Without forcing anything, things have changed. The upcoming book Sochi Singers consists of only horizontal pictures (except for one). I think that my visual vocabulary slowly expands. I will definitely stop working as a photographer on the day that I realize that my way of working is not changing anymore. The moment you are satisfied is the moment you have to stop.

see the rest of the interview here | see Hornstra’s images on LightBox


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