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LURD fighter, Tubmanberg, Bomi County. 2003. Tim Hetherington—Panos/Courtesy of Umbrage

Introducing the 2012 Tim Hetherington Grant:

The application process is open to all professional photographers who have participated in a World Press Photo competition between 2008 and 2012. The grant is intended to support a photographer in completing an existing project on a human rights theme. Read more about the 2012 grant in the press release.

Human Rights Watch, our partner in the Tim Hetherington Grant, defines ‘human rights’ in the following way: “At the very heart of a human rights issue or theme lies the critical factor of responsibility - some government, rebel group, institution, or individual is responsible for what is happening.”

Timeline for applications

  • Call for applications: 8 October
  • Deadline: 15 November
  • Selection: 7-8 December
  • Recipient announced: 10 December

The picture above is taken from Tim’s first book, Long Story Bit By Bit: Liberia Retold. See the work of Stephen Ferry, the 2011 recipient of the Tim Hetherington Grant here.


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