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From Instagram to Time Magazine

Bobby Ghosh (@ghoshworld) doesn’t remember snapping the Instagram photo that would end up in TIME Magazine (@time), and says it was “pure, blind luck” that he managed to capture the photo at all.

Bobby was caught in the middle of a protest in Tahrir Square when a tear-gas canister soared through the air towards him. Without thinking, he snapped a photo with his iPhone just as the canister landed at his feet. Later, when out of harm’s way, he discovered the photo and decided to share it to Instagram, where the TIME photo editors would first find it. “I knew it was a good image, but couldn’t be sure how good…when the folks in NYC told me they were going to run it in the magazine, I was quite surprised.”

The photo has received the most attention of all Bobby’s 700+ photos on Instagram. “People seem to be responding to the human drama in the image, the Egyptians scattering in different directions as the tear-gas canister lands. Somehow, I seem to have captured this electric moment.”

Bobby is an editor-at-large for TIME Magazine, traveling the world and sharing his photos on Instagram, most frequently for his food photoblog on Time.com, GhoshEats.


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