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LBM is proud to be part of the A FAIR at the University of Kansas.

A FAIR is a free, open and public photobook FAIR brimming with contemporary small, large, experimental, raw unfiltered, handmade, and outsourced books that are self-published, DIY, PoD, inkjet, newsprint, offset, in both open and limited editions made by independent local, national, and international publishers, photographers, and artists.

A FAIR, curated by Travis Shaffer, is a glimpse into the the prevalence of the book-form within contemporary ‘photographic’ practice. This exhibition features the works of Alec Soth’s Little Brown Mushroom, a selection of over 150 books from the The Indie Photobook Library and various works by the members of the Artists’ Books Cooperative, including their recent collaborative work titled ‘ABCED’.

22 January 2013 – 15 February 2013

University of Kansas
Art + Design Gallery
Lawrence, Kansas

Mon, Tues, Wed 8:30am—4:30pm
Thurs, 8:30am—9:00pm
Fri, 8:30am—1:30pm
Closed Saturday
Sun, 1:00pm—4:30pm


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    We are delighted to announce that Conveyor Magazine will be included in A Fair as part of the Indie Photobook Library...
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