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Photograph by Matt Eich

Photographer Matt Eich is seeking funding for the third installment of his project, The Invisible Yoke, through emphas.is. This third installment, titled The Seven Cities, explores Virginia, the state Eich calls home:

For the last seven years I have explored legacies of industry in Ohio, of segregation and racism in Mississippi and, most recently, of the military- industrial-complex in Virginia, my home state. They form three chapters under the title The Invisible Yoke, which explores the weight of our collective memory and how it continues to shape our lives as Americans.

In this chapter I will ask questions about the Tidewater region of Virginia where I was raised, and now raise my own family. Though the area is made economically viable because of the military presence, my own connection is less direct. In addition to documenting my own family and daily life throughout the region, I will use this time to examine military events ranging from homecomings to departures, daily life, and more timely issues such as being gay in the military and the intersections of the Muslim and military communities. The images will be interwoven with my own family’s photographs for an exhibition at The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art in fall of 2013. I will use this as a springboard for discussion about our region’s reliance on government military spending.

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