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© Whitney Hubbs, Courtesy M+B Gallery, Los Angeles — Untitled (Hair), 2012

On view at M+B Gallery till March 9, 2013: Whitney Hubbs. The Song Itself is Already a Skip:

Dark, raw, powerful and swimming in sensuality, the work of Whitney Hubbs is at once blunt and lyrical, formal and improvised, recognizable to daily experience and yet totally foreign from it. Full of unlikely visual rhythms, Hubbs’ work creates and provokes with aesthetic force. Her images reside in a reticence of feeling. Through profound light and dark, a specific refusal of continuity or seriality, as well as latent eroticism, Hubbs demonstrates over and over her disinterest in generic narratives. Her work persuasively follows its own internal logic through her willingness to challenge the relationship between photographic immediacy and “authenticity.” This is the point of contact where reality and representation become muddled.

While we are accustomed to the photographic medium as the revelator, Hubbs confounds this idea. Abstracting through framing and with little desire to illuminate or provide an understanding, Hubbs prefers to leave the viewer feeling — sensing. A continual tension builds throughout the work. The darkness confronts you. The release overpowers. It is a sense of intuitive wonder you are left with. Defining, while withholding. Simply there. If you care to look into the corners, around the edges and crawl into the vastness, you find yourself pulling wonder out of the chaos and revealing something more.

For more information, visit the gallery’s website here. To see more of Whitney Hubbs’ work, visit her website here.


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