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Photograph by Stacy Arezou Mehrfar and Amy Stein

via Flak Photo - Photographing Together, On the Road, Down Under Creative collaboration and the making of Tall Poppy Syndrome

Aaron Schuman: Why did you think that the two of you would make a strong, collaborative team?

Stacy Arezou Mehrfar: Although Amy and I weren’t in constant contact, we’d see one another every now and again, and talk about what we were up to. While I was traveling for my project, American Palimpsests, and Amy was travelling for her project, Stranded, it became clear that we had a similar approach to making work. We both consider photography in an academic manner; we hit the road to make formal yet uncanny photographs; we have similar aesthetics; and we are both strong women with strong views, visions and positions. Some might say that this is a recipe for disaster. But it was especially for these reasons that I found the prospect of working together so compelling.

Amy Stein: The terms of our working relationship evolved very naturally as we jumped into the project. There wasn’t much discussion about collaboration; we just collaborated. Every decision — from planning, to choosing subjects, to editing, to presenting the work as a shared project — sprouted from the positive momentum of our last agreement. Collaboration on this scale isn’t easy, and there were many times when we butted heads, but that became part of the challenge and thrill for me as well.

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