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Nov. 11, 2012. A murmuration of starlings put on an a display over the town of Gretna, Scotland. (photo: PA Photos/Landov)

From escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and austerity riots in Europe to the flooding of Venice and murmurations of starlings in Scotland, TIME presents the best images of the week.

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Variable Seedeater (Sporophila corvina), 2012

Todd Forsgren ruffles feathers every time he takes a picture. LightBox presents his series of ornithological photographs of birds caught in biologists’ mist nests.

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March 2012. Casablanca’s Mohammed V Square. 

Morocco’s Islamists are not seeking to take their country back to some ancient golden age, but instead trying to bring it to the 21st Century without losing its religious moorings. Yuri Kozyrev traveled to Morocco to photograph the “New Islamists.” See more here.

Sergei Rasulov—Reuters

Feb. 18, 2012. Dalmatian pelicans gather in the water area of the Caspian Sea port in Makhachkala in Russia’s Dagestan province. 

From protests in Afghanistan and India’s Mahashivratri festival to Olympic test events in London and Whitney Houston’s funeral in New Jersey, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week. See more here.

Behind the cover with this week’s TIME magazine.

To shoot the cover photo for this week’s TIME story about animal friendships, photographer Catherine Ledner called on years of experience with cute critters.

“I had to make sure that the dogs that were coming were actually friends,” she says.

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Owen Humphreys—PA/Landov

Birds create phenomenal flocking and beautiful patterns in the sky at dusk. See more here.

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