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Photo: Steve Schapiro

The Photo That Made Me: Steve Schapiro, Arkansas 1961 

Photographer Steve Schapiro dreamed of being a photographer for LIFE Magazine, but it was an assignment he pursued on his own that first helped him gain confidence in his future as a photographer.

Photo: Oliver Weiken—EPA

Inside Gaza and Israel: Two Photographers, One War

As the death toll rises in the war between Israel and Hamas, TIME LightBox profiles two photographers who have spent weeks covering the opposing sides: Oliver Weiken of European Pressphoto Agency and Getty Images’ Andrew Burton.

Photo: Sayed Asif Mahmud

Inside Bangladesh’s Cheap Cigarette Factories

Sayed Asif Mahmud’s powerful photos document the dangers that workers face in Bangladesh’s tobacco factories.

Photo: Malin Fezehai for TIME

'A Kind of Purgatory': African Refugees in Israel

It is estimated that 60,000 African asylum-seekers reside in the State of Israel, mainly from Sudan and Eritrea. For these men, women and children, the journey to the country is as perilous as it is difficult.

Photo: Sebastian Liste—NOOR

NOOR Welcomes Sebastian Liste and Asim Rafiqui

The Netherlands-based photo collective, Noor Images, welcomes photographers Sebastian Liste and Asim Rafiqui to its roster, signaling a desire to add fresh coverage on a range of under-reported local issues.

Photo: Bertien Van Manen

30 Years in Appalachi: Moving Beyond the Hillybilly Cliches

In 1985, fascinated by stories of women working in mines in Appalachia, photographer Bertien van Manen embedded herself with families in the region. What emerged was an epic, intergenerational photography project spanning nearly 30 years.

Photo: Christopher Morris—VII for TIME

The Photo That Made Me: Christopher Morris, Panama 1989

The Photo That Made Me is a new LightBox series in which renowned photographers discuss a picture that jump-started their career, garnered them international attention or simply sparked their interest in photography. This inaugural installment features TIME contract photographer Christopher Morris, who talks about a powerful image he made in Panama in 1989.

Photo: Daniella Zalcman (@dzalcman)

For England’s WWII Reenactors, Authenticity is Key

Photojournalist Daniella Zalcman spent the last year photographing British war reenactors paying tribute to history and the lasting legacy of World War II.

Photo: An Rong Xu for TIME

Homeless in New York: Public Art Goes Underground

Photographer Andres Serrano takes to the streets and takes over a New York City subway station with his confrontational portraits of the homeless.

Photo: Khashayar Sharifaee

#LightBoxFF: Everyday Iran with Khashayar Sharifaee

This week on LightBox Follow Friday, TIME speaks with Iranian photographer and industrial design student Khashayar Sharifaee (@khashayarsharifae) about using Instagram to document the often unseen daily lives of ordinary Iranians through surreal, documentary snapshots and dreamlike, blended images.

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