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Photo: Alessandro Penso

Shining a Light on the Plight of Europe’s Migrants, From Rome to Brussels

Trucks have become symbols of hope for many migrants in search of better lives in Western Europe, says photographer Alessandro Penso, who has taken to Europe’s roads in a bid to raise awareness on immigration issues

Nov. 26, 2012. Police officers are sprayed with milk by European milk farmers during a demonstration outside the European Parliament in Brussels. (Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert—AP)

From protests in Egypt and life in the aftermath of the Gaza conflict to Myanmar’s refugee camps and volcanic lava spilling into the ocean in Hawaii, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

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Nov. 14, 2012. A man holds a flare as thousands of people from France and Belgium demonstrate during an anti-austerity protest in Lille, France. (photo: Philippe Huguen—AFP/Getty Images)

From escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and austerity riots in Europe to the flooding of Venice and murmurations of starlings in Scotland, TIME presents the best images of the week.

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Policemen hold back the crowd in the rue des Clercs during the popular Ducasse de Mons, or Doudou, festival in Mons, located in French Belgium. (photo: Cédric Gerbehaye)

Belgian photographer Cédric Gerbehaye has spent his career documenting intra-country tensions around the world. In his most recent work he turns the camera back on his home country to delve into the very issues he has explored abroad for years.

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From Rodina.

Irina Ruppert’s intimate knowledge of Kazakhstan and Eastern Europe comes from an experience of emigration and a complex family history. See more here.

Jan. 2012. Istanbul. Under the hum of fluorescent strip lights, 16-year-old Danesh wields an oversized pair of sheers, snipping away a small pieces of animal fur in the freezing cold basement kargah that has been his home for the past two months. From war-torn Kapisa province, the boy, whose name means knowledge, stays constantly alert, absorbing everything that the others say and do. With every member of his family killed, Danesh has educated himself on his travels, spending four years alone on the road west that his brought him this far to the dirty factories of Istanbul.

Alixandra Fazzina photographs the hardships faced by underage refugees fleeing Afghanistan. See more here.

Izola, Slovenia

Carl de Keyzer’s new book examines European coastlines facing the threat of rising sea levels that would submerge entire countries. The work will also be exhibited in Ostend, Belgium, starting on May 17. See more here.

The thread that links much of the Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen’s work is her portrayal of the seemingly small, undramatic moments of everyday life. Her latest book is named after the habit of having Russians sit for a moment before a long journey to think about where they will be going and why. See more here.

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