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Photograph courtesy of Nick Knight and SHOWstudio.com

Iris van Herpen has teamed up with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness to create a new ‘Crystallization’ dress live on camera. Knight will capture Guinness being splashed with black and clear water, and then offer up the footage to van Herpen to create a one-of-a-kind water dress. Watch here.

Photograph by Therese + Joel for TIME

This season, TIME commissioned photography duo Therese + Joel to document the madness and mania of NYFW, from the front row to backstage and everywhere in between. Here, a look at highlights from the whirlwind week.

Pictured: A model simultaneously getting her makeup, hair and nails done shortly after arriving.

To prepare for his cover sitting with Marion Cotillard for TIME Style&Design’s fall issue, photographer Peter Hapak hit the archives, collecting pictures of Paris and Parisian fashion during the 1930s, including the work of famed French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. 

See more photos here.

Painting (Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria by Rubens). Self-portrait.

For over a decade, Kimiko Yoshida has created photos of herself in which she wears elaborate costumes that reference a wide range of subjects, from haute couture to the canon of Western painting.

See more photos here.

Amber Jones, 18. Montgomery County High School, Mount Vernon, Ga.  ”There’s not a lot to do in these parts, so prom is really the only time we get to dress up and hang out together,” she says.

Gillian Laub crossed the country to capture the bittersweet anticipation and excitement of high-school proms for TIME. See more here.

Tom Hiddleston wears Huntsman Prince of Wales, Hilditch & Key, Byrne & Burge and Church’s. Michelle Dockery wears Danielle Scutt, Antonio Berardi, Cornelia James and Charlotte Olympia Avalon. 

Photographer Jonathan de Villiers channeled a time-traveler’s perspective on London for TIME Style and Design, which relaunched in March. Revisit the photos in honor of The Avengers, in which Tom Hiddleston plays Loki. See more here

Gregory Bull—AP

February 14, 2012. Callista Gingrich meets with Republican supporters at a Smashburger restaurant, in San Diego.

With Newt Gingrich leaving the presidential race, LightBox looks back on Callista Gingrich’s now-famous Swoosh, which seemed to captivate photographers all along the campaign trail. See more here.

He always had a vision about how he wanted every picture. He liked strength in his pictures, and he got you to do things that you never thought you could do. He was very encouraging and would talk to you about a picture first, and slowly get you there to where he wanted. And you’d be amazed that you even could do that. It was always a pleasure working with him. He was a complete gentleman, and I loved every picture he took of me.

Naomi Campbell on Herb Ritts. Read more here.

Betty Beihn, Nude I, 2012 © Lillian Bassman. Courtesy Staley-Wise Gallery, New York.

To coincide with the release of the book, Lillian Bassman: Lingerie, Staley-Wise Gallery will be exhibiting the works of Lillian Bassman from April 13 - May 26.

Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi, Hollywood, 1989

As a new exhibition celebrates the work of fashion photographer Herb Ritts, supermodel Naomi Campbell remembers the legendary lensman. See more here.

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