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Photo by Gillian Laub for TIME

Meet Transgender America

In this week’s cover story, TIME introduces America to some of the individuals waging a battle for recognition and rights, including Laverne Cox, who stars in the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

(Photo courtesy of Bonni Benrubi Gallery)

Last Thursday, gallerist Bonni Benrubi passed away after a long battle with cancer. A pioneer in the New York photo community, Benrubi was committed to exclusively showing photography for the past 25 years. A champion of many young artists’ work, she fostered the careers of numerous photographers who have appeared in the pages of TIME, including Gillian Laub.

“When Bonni took me on as an artist, I was so young, just out of school,” says Laub, who has been represented by the gallery since she was 24. “It was such an honor and so encouraging to have someone like her have such belief in my work. Bonni was one of the strongest people I knew. She was an inspiration to me as a woman and human being — so passionate about both her work and family.”

And Laub says she’ll also remember the advice that Benrubi gave her: “Keep doing the work that is close to your heart and moves you emotionally. It may not be trendy, but humanity doesn’t need to follow trends.”

Gillian Laub visited Camp Lee Mar, a beloved summer destination in Pa. for children with special needs, as it celebrates its 60th anniversary. 

Watch the video here.

E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey, from a video by Gillian Laub.

At a book party for E.L. James, who wrote ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ the author was literally overwhelmed to tears of joy (and alarm) by a pack of hundreds of middle-aged women acting like adolescent girls unleashed on Justin Bieber. Watch here.

For as long as she can remember, Thanksgiving has been photographer Gillian Laub’s favorite holiday. Ten years ago, she began photographing her family’s annual gatherings to document the growth and aging process she saw in family members. See more here.

Gillian Laub

This is a nation filled with serious conversations and serious consequences, bad omens from the past and dire warnings of the future. But not on this sliver of sand. Only Tel Aviv’s beach has that unique ability to free Israelis from the yoke of daily turmoil, letting them frolic, flaunt and laugh—a joyful, if temporary, exhalation under a pure, blue sky. See more here.

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