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Jan. 24, 2013. Arctic sea-smoke rises from Portland Harbor where Bahama-based oil tanker Teesta Spirit unloads fuel in South Portland, Maine. (Photo: Robert F. Bukaty—AP)

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April 22, 2004. A Secret Service agent stands guard during President George W. Bush’s visit to the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve in Wells, Maine. 

With their stock-straight postures, impenetrable gazes and curly earpieces directing their movements via disembodied voices, members of the United States Secret Service have long maintained an aura of mystery for civilians—White House photographers included. See Christopher Morris’ photographs of Secret Service agents here.

Sanford eyes his cousin’s deer, 1982

Steven Rubin hitched a ride in 1982 to rural Somerset County in northwestern Maine and embarked on a project that would continue for more than 30 years and is on display at drkrm in Los Angeles from April 28 through May 26. See more here.

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