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Photograph by Christopher Morris

Members of the Guardian Angels volunteer anti-crime patrolers, 1981.

TIME contract photographer Christopher Morris’ previously unpublished images of New York’s subway in the 1980s show us a world long gone.

Photograph by Katie Murray

Katie Murray’s latest book, All the Queens Men, offers a unique and moving document of gender, history and place through the men of Queens, New York.

Photograph by Andrew Burton—Getty Images

Nov. 6, 2013. A fake dead horse is seen on set for a television show currently being filmed in the Lower East Side neighborhood of the Manhattan borough of New York City.

From the election of New York’s new mayor and typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines to Prince Charles’ visit to India and a gorilla massage, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Mike Segar—Reuters

Oct. 3, 2013. A dog urinates on a new work by British street artist Banksy that appeared on West 24th street in New York after he announced a month-long “artist’s residency” in the city. 

From the federal government shutdown and Capitol Hill shooting to an international feline beauty show and a seven-car pileup at Paris Fashion Week, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Elijah Jones, 23, sits in his room on the fourth floor of the Redfern Houses. Since the storm, water has condensed on the walls and ceiling because his room is so cold, and mold is starting to grow on his walls. Every day he tries to clean the moisture from his room, but the water keeps coming back. “That’s the only light we got,” he says pointing to a spotlight on a generator in the courtyard. “We just got that like three days ago.” (photo: Finlay MacKay for TIME )

For many in Sandy’s path, the storm itself was terrifying. On Staten Island, houses collapsed, crushing people underneath; in Breezy Point, families fled blocks of homes in flames. But in Redfern, the real struggle began the next day, when it became clear that power wouldn’t return for weeks.

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New York City, 1975 (photo: Joel Meyerowitz)

In honor of the 50th anniversary of when he first took up a camera, photographer Joel Meyerowitz has compiled hundreds of his favorite images for a new two-volume collection.

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D. and S., at M.’s Mother’s Day picnic. May 2007.

Photographer Samantha Box spent six years documenting Sylvia’s Place, NYC’s only emergency shelter for LGBT youth. See the photos here.

Spencer Platt—Getty Images

A flotilla surrounds the NASA space shuttle Enterprise as it is carried by barge past the Statue of Liberty up the Hudson River, en route to its permanent home at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on June 6, 2012 in New York City. See more here.

Photographer Dane Shitagi has spent ten years photographing ballerinas, trying to capture the emotions behind their poses and eschewing “dance photography.” He writes about the dancers and their photo sessions on the project’s website, here.

From the series Missing The Train (Downtown N/R at 59th Street), 2002-2006 

Neil Goldberg’s affinity for the collection of lives that is New York City is on view in his solo exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York, which has recently been extended to run through June 19. See more here.

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