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Photograph by Sylvia Plachy—Courtesy Galerie Espaces 54, Paris

Jorge Luis Borges, New York, 1982

Photo historian and poet Carole Naggar writes for LightBox on some of the top exhibitions at the 17th annual celebration of Paris Photo — from Daido Moriyama and Sylvia Plachy to Malik Sidibé and more.

Film by Ross McDonnell with Music by Aaron Martin

For the 17th edition of Paris Photo, opening in the city’s Grand Palais on Nov. 14, 2013, Ross McDonnell produced a unique Ambrotype wet plate edition of his original Auto Defensa portraits on Mexico’s drug war vigilantes, along with an accompanying film, above. In a slide show on LightBox, we’ve updated our original offering of McDonnell’s work from earlier this year with his newest wet plate portraits from the series.

For more information about Paris Photo, click here.

Photograph by Joakim Eskildsen

Joakim Eskildsen’s latest body of work explores the poetry of place through the different homes to which he has moved his family over the past seven years, on display later this week at the 17th edition of Paris Photo.

Photograph by Viviane Sassen—Courtesy of Stevenson Gallery

Launching this week at Paris Photo is Viviane Sassen’s latest monograph, Etan & Me, from oodee, November 2013:

In a remote village in the jungle of Suriname, [Viviane Sassen] took portraits of this young man called Etan and combined them with blurred and scattered self-portraits,  reflecting on the ancient myths of Narcissus and the Origin of Painting by Pliny the Elder.

ETAN & ME is a story of love and loss, of Eros and Thanatos. It’s a story about the exploration of the Self and the Other. Are we ever able to truly know someone, to truly know ourselves?

For more photography events beyond the web in November visit The Guide on LightBox.

Im Kurtze Erscheint Anonyme Skulpturen                                                                 Poster for the publication of Anonyme Skulpturen, Düsseldorf, Germany, 1970

Photographic duo Bernd and Hilla Becher created one of the most respected bodies of work in modern photography. An exhibition at Paris Photo this week highlights their career with photographs, books and printed ephemera.

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