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Photograph by Jason Alden—Bloomberg/Getty Images

Jan. 22, 2014. An attendee watches a virtual presentation of a bomb explosion in Syria, using a head-mounted visual display, on the opening day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

From protests turning deadly in Ukraine and a controversial dolphin hunt in Japan to the icy Orthodox Christian rituals of Epiphany and glow-in-the-dark couture at Paris Fashion Week, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by James Nachtwey for TIME

Refugee status is temporary, in theory, but without a place to go back to, limbo begins to look permanent. James Nachtwey explores the refugee crisis sparked by the war in Syria.

Photograph by Bassam Khabieh—Reuters

Jan. 7, 2014. Men hold up a baby who survived what activists say was an airstrike by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Duma neighbourhood of Damascus.

From the Polar Vortex freezing over much of North America and the refugee crisis in South Sudan to a massive volcano erupting in Indonesia and the welcoming of newborn pandas in Washington and Taipei, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Olivier Voisin (1974 - 2013)—Demotix/Corbis

Twenty-five journalists have died in Syria alone since the inception of the conflict in March 2011. Freelance photojournalist Olivier Voisin died of shrapnel wounds near the city of Idlib while covering the conflict earlier this year. In an email sent to a friend shortly before his passing, Voisin expressed his fear that the war will continue for many years. Voisin died in February. He was 38.

In Memoriam: Remembering the Photographers We Lost in 2013 on LightBox.

Photograph by Alessio Romenzi

April 15, 2013. Relatives of a civilian wounded by a regime forces air strike brought balloons in his hospital room in Aleppo, Syria.

One of my personal favorite images of the year. A beautifully quiet and subtlety poignant image from Syria made by Alessio Romenzi, a frequent contributor to TIME. This photograph would surely have made the 365 gallery were it not taken on the same date as the Boston Marathon Bombing. —Phil Bicker, Senior Photo Editor, TIME

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Photograph by Ammar Abdullah—Reuters

Dec. 11, 2013. A Free Syrian Army fighter throws snow at his fellow fighter in Khan Tuman, Aleppo.

From Obama’s selfie at Mandela’s memorial service and the execution of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s uncle to the continuing protests in Kiev and Santa snuggling with a shark, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Muzaffar Salman—Reuters

Sept. 18, 2013. A Kurdish Free Syrian Army fighter holds out a doll while his fellow fighter takes shooting position in Ashrafieh, Aleppo, Syria.

TIME Picks the Most Surprising Photos of 2013, a look back at a selection of under-reported, improbable and astounding images that caught the attention of TIME’s photo editors.

Photograph by AP

Sept. 22, 2013. A Syrian man with more than half his body burnt from an air strike leaves a field hospital to go back home at a village turned into a battlefield with government forces in Idlib province, northern Syria.

From the Westgate Shopping Center massacre and Yankee closer Mariano Rivera’s final home game to a new island that emerged from the sea and a crib-full of baby pandas, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Dimitar Dilkoff—AFP/Getty Images

On April 15, 2013, while driving along the western edge of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, AFP photographer Dimitar Dilkoff came across an odd sight: an overloaded truck lumbering down the road, a young boy clutching a satellite dish riding in the back.

The boy’s family was fleeing the city in the wake of yet another air raid earlier that morning. “One building with people inside was demolished,” Dilkoff tells TIME. “There were many injured. Most people left in the city were very nervous and irate.”

“I took some pictures through the car window with hope that there would be just one in focus,” he says. “After that we lost the truck in heavy traffic.”

The image he captured (above), somewhat softened by the filter of his windshield, was featured in this week’s Pictures of the Week on LightBox and in the New York Times.

“The satellite dish is kind of absurd and useless there,” Dilkoff says, because the greater part of city has been without electricity since it became one of the nation’s central battlegrounds last July. “But it is a very important belonging for that family on their way out of Aleppo.”

“Currently there isn’t a fierce fight between the government army and the rebels,” he adds, “but there are snipers, mortars shelling and air strikes, which make the daily life of the local people very dangerous and unforeseen.”

According to AFP, “some 1.3 million people have fled Syria to neighboring countries since the beginning of the conflict, which has cost well over 70,000 lives.”

—Eugene Reznik

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Photograph by Manu Brabo—AP

(A Syrian man cries while holding the body of his son, killed by the Syrian Army, near Dar El Shifa hospital in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012.)

Columbia University has announced the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners for breaking news and feature photography. A five-photographer team from the Associated Press was recognized in the Breaking News photography category for their photographic coverage of the ongoing Syrian civil war. Rodrigo Abd, Manu Brabo, Khalil Hamra, Muhammed Muheisen and Narciso Contreraswere members of the team that contributed to the agency’s coverage of the two-year-old conflict.

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