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Photo:  Frank Overton Brown III

Magnum photographers Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey tackle a classic gear challenge, teaming up with legendary outdoor-apparel maker Filson to design a rugged, reliable camera bag.

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Photo: Camilo José Vergara

For more than four decades, Camilo José Vergara has photographed the poorest and most segregated communities in urban America. Both a sociologist and a photographer, Vergara is probably best known for his photos of urban blight in 1970s New York. But  for over twenty five years he has also pointed his lens at Detroit, to document not just the city’s decline but the quiet resilience of its people and its urban landscape. 

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Photo: Lynsey Addario for TIME

Lynsey Addario traveled to Afghanistan ahead of upcoming presidential elections, where the first female governor in the country, Habiba Sourabi, is now the first woman running for vice-president.

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Jan. 20, 2013. People throw turnips at the Jarramplas as he makes his way through the streets beating his drum during the Jarramplas Festival in Piornal, Spain. (Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez—Getty Images)

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