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The Collection of Frank Maresca—Courtesy of Ricco/Maresca Gallery

A mesmerizing exhibition of some 250 vintage American employee ID badges imaginatively staged at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery is a sign of the times, revealing a distant world from our own.

Photograph by Anne Collier—Courtesy of Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles

Author Anne-Celine Jaeger reports for LightBox on her eight favorite photographs from Frieze 2013 in London, one of the world’s leading contemporary art fairs.

Photographs and Illustration by Robert Crumb—Courtesy of Agence Littéraire Lora Fountain & Associates/Fantagraphics

LightBox presents a series of unpublished photographs made by the inimitable, prolific and controversial comic artist R. Crumb as source material for his drawings, a rough typology of traffic lights, power lines and other infrastructure used to fill in his bleak background reality of urban life.

Photograph by Phillip Toledano

With heavy, violent marker strokes, Iranian censors black out — by hand, one by one — the female form on everyday commercial product packaging. Phillip Toledano’s Absent Portrait series, on view at the the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam from Sept. 26 – Sept. 29, highlights the absurdity of this crude attempt to efface one half of humanity.

See more of the work on LightBox.


Photograph by Adam Dean—Panos for TIME

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei poses with the cover he created for TIME at his studio in Beijing, China, June 3, 2013.

Thomas Ruff/courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London

The innovative lensman Thomas Ruff talks to TIME about his latest “photograms and ma.r.s” series, as well as his formative influences and where he’s going next. Read the interview here.

Photograph by Mark Steinmetz

Now on view at Stephen Wirtz Gallery:  Photographs, an exhibition of black-and-white portrait and landscape photographs by Mark Steinmetz, selected from his celebrated series Greater Atlanta, South East, and South Central, as well as his more recent book, Summertime. The exhibition runs till April 27, 2013.

See more of Steinmetz’s work on LightBox here.

Pictured: Scott Newkirk installation (partial), 2011 by Dietmar Busse

It’s rare to encounter a body of work as wholly original as Dietmar Busse’s extraordinary series, Fauna and Flora. An amalgamation of photography and painting, the pieces in the series manifest a beauty that occasionally veers into dark, dreamlike realms. See more on LightBox.

Nadav Kander’s latest: Powerful portraiture meets Renaissance-style art.

Red Home by Nicolas Dhervillers

Photographer Nicolas Dhervillers combined modern landscapes with historical images to create his latest body of work, ‘My Sentimental Archives.’ See more on LightBox.

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