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Photograph by Dr. Bernard Benoit—Courtesy of GE Healthcare

Gestation: 32 weeks.

A new type of ultrasound allows parents-to-be to see their unborn children in 3D and 4D, even revealing the facial expressions of their child. Read more about this breakthrough technology and see images from the entire 9 month cycle on LightBox.

Photograph by Hanna Putz, Untitled (Nave 2), 2012

Susan Bright writes for LightBox about the visual documentation of life’s oldest tradition in her latest book and exhibition, Home Truths: Motherhood and Photography.

Cape Flight (Photo: Rachel Hulin)

One year ago, LightBox published Rachel Hulin’s series of whimsical photographs of her son, Henry, magically flying. Now, a new children’s book captures all of his Henry’s adventures. See more on LightBox: http://ti.me/Z1LUMa.

Sept. 25, 2012. A picture, taken on Sept. 19 and recently made available, shows a 4-day-old baby girl discovered by a Polish anti-bomb squad at a roadside in Ghazni, Afghanistan. The girl, named Pola, has been entrusted to Afghanistan State authorities, according to a Polish military spokesperson. (photo: EPA/ISAF)

From the NFL touchdown controversy in the U.S. and Israelis observing Yom Kippur to China’s first aircraft carrier and surfing with dolphins in Australia, TIME presents the best images of the week.

See more photos here.

Behind the scenes at this week’s TIME cover shoot.

The four mothers photographed by Martin Schoeller for the cover of this week’s TIME discuss why attachment parenting resonates with them. See more here.

Home III

Orup, Denmark

Joakim Eskildsen’s new body of work explores the poetry of place through the five different homes to which he has moved his family over the past six years. See more here.

Sink Fly, 2011.

Exhausted and bored on an assignment, photographer Rachel Hulin thought it would be fun to make her baby fly. So her son Henry flew. See more here.

Guillem Valle—EPA

From the Turkey earthquake and Libya after Gaddafi to protests in Yemen and Halloween monsters, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week. See more here.

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