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Photograph by (1) Carl Court—AFP/Getty Images | (2) Nick Morrish—British Airways/Eyevine/Zuma Press

These days, it’s close to impossible for a photographer to produce a wholly original image. Everyone is a photographer, and chances are, if you’re taking a photograph of something, someone else is too.

See LightBox’s 2013: An Amazing Year of Déjà Vu gallery featuring over 100 diptych and triptychs of images filed on the news wires that awaken a familiar sense of recognition.

Photograph by Mike Segar—Reuters

Oct. 3, 2013. A dog urinates on a new work by British street artist Banksy that appeared on West 24th street in New York after he announced a month-long “artist’s residency” in the city. 

From the federal government shutdown and Capitol Hill shooting to an international feline beauty show and a seven-car pileup at Paris Fashion Week, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Finlay Mackay for TIME

This week, the most carefully coiffed dogs in the world gathered at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show to compete for the top prize. TIME takes you behind-the-scenes at New York City’s Madison Square Garden for a look at the prized pooches — and their doting stage parents.

Tracey Nearmy—EPA

June 3, 2012. Dachshunds sit in a performance artwork titled DACHSHUND UN by Australian artist Bennett Miller at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

From the final journey of the space shuttle Enterprise in New York and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in London to a landmark trial in Egypt and the once-in-a-lifetime Transit of Venus, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week. See more here.

Behind the cover with this week’s TIME magazine.

To shoot the cover photo for this week’s TIME story about animal friendships, photographer Catherine Ledner called on years of experience with cute critters.

“I had to make sure that the dogs that were coming were actually friends,” she says.

See more(including outtakes from the shoot!)here.

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