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TIME’s Instagram photographer of the year is David Guttenfelder. 

(Photo: David Guttenfelder / AP)

Find more of David Guttenfelder’s work on LightBox.

Photograph by Ruddy Roye—Courtesy of Daylight

One year ago, more than 800,000 photos were uploaded and tagged as Superstorm Sandy made landfall. On the anniversary of the devastating storm, Fred Ritchin writes for LightBox on the power of the photograph as self-documentary in 2013, alongside a gallery of images curated from the Museum of the City of New York’s open call exhibition Rising Waters: Photographs of Sandy and Daylight’s upcoming release #SANDY: Seen Through The iPhones of Acclaimed Photographers.

Photograph by Danny Ghitis and Daniella Zalcman/@echosight

The way we collaborate is simplified more every day. No longer are we required to share printed essays or negatives to work with each other; all we need is an internet connection. This idea is part of the inspiration behind @echosight, a joint-Instagram account between photographers Danny Ghitis in New York and Daniella Zalcman in London. See more work on LightBox here.

I’m exposed to a lot of music because of my various jobs, and I have always marveled at how well it represents what’s going on in our lives, our relationships and our broader culture. I didn’t think it was really possible that another creative medium would ever travel across borders with the same social impact and speed.

Thank goodness Kevin Systrom co-founded Instagram, which captured the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” in a new social-media platform that forever changed the way we communicate.

Ryan Seacrest on Kevin Systrom for the 2013 TIME 100. Continue reading here.

Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME

"Instagram has encouraged professionals to participate by promoting "Suggested Users" and popular imagery on the mobile application. But the new terms of service announced Monday do just the opposite. Photographers and publications will have to consider the value of images posted, as they will be giving them away for unrestricted use to one of the largest companies in the world. The terms of service also grant Facebook the right to use contributors names and likeness for advertising.

I will have to dramatically reduce my posts on Instagram under the new terms of service. In the end, I may just close my account.”

Brooks Kraft

UNFILTERED: Photographers react to Instagram’s new terms of service.

Christopher Morris—VII for TIME

“They have just killed Instagram. I will never use it under any circumstance with these terms.”

Christopher Morris

UNFILTERED: Photographers react to Instagram’s new terms of service.

Bejamin Lowy—Reportage by Getty Images for TIME

"Photography is my passion, my calling, and my means of livelihood. It is how I provide for my family and send my children to school. Now Instagram and Facebook want to take my hard earned imagery — imagery that at times, I and others have risked life and limb for — and use it to generate income for themselves.

What they have done is signal the end and failure of what could have been a revolutionary social media platform for visual communication. Now, I must take a step back and reassess my place on Instagram.”

Benjamin Lowy

UNFILTERED: Photographers react to Instagram’s new terms of service.

Will you be staying on Instagram?

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