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Photo: Jeff Riedel

#LightBoxFF: Jeff Riedel’s Instagram Anachronism

This week on #LightBoxFF, we speak to commercial and editorial photographer Jeff Riedel, (@jeff_riedel_polariods) whose meticulous approach to photography has not only landed his work on the pages of GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Vogue, but has also helped him accumulate a massive collection of Polaroids, which he has used for years to test and fine-tune variables during shoots and is now posting to his Instagram feed.

Photo: Laura El-Tantawy

How Smartphones Have Changed the Way We Experience Photography

Smartphones have not only changed the way we make photos, but also the meaning and purpose of photography itself, an exhibition curated by photographer and film maker Henry Jacobson at the Center for Photography at Woodstock shows.

Photo by Loulou d’Aki

#LightBoxFF: Loulou d’Aki’s Daily Diary of Destruction in Gaza

This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks with Loulou d’Aki (@dakiloulou), a Swedish freelance photographer who uses Instagram to show the world what she encounters on a daily basis in Gaza, from death and destruction in the streets and city morgues, to hope and endurance in shelters and hospitals where babies are born.

Photo: Andrew Esiebo

#LightBoxFF: Instagram as Revolutionary Media with Andrew Esiebo

Lagos-based photographer Andrew Esiebo (@andrewesiebo) says Instagram offers a new future for African photographers to show their work to the world without conforming to Western media ideals.

Photo: Justin Maxon

#LightBoxFF: Justin Maxon’s Instagram Fantasyland

This week on #LightBox FF, TIME speaks with Justin Maxon (@justinmeadmaxon), whose photographs address poverty, politics and public health from a humanitarian perspective. He says Instagram gives him the opportunity to present a view of the world not based in reality, but inspired by experience.

Photo: David Schwen

#LightBoxFF: David Schwen’s Eternal Sunshine for the Creative Mind

This week on LightBox Follow Friday, TIME speaks with David Schwen (@dschwen), a Minneapolis-based Creative Director and owner of Dschwen LLC. Schwen creates conceptual photo and video illustrations with a lighthearted, witty flair. Continually experimenting with media and new ways to create illustrations, Schwen frequently taps into Instagram to share his work.

Photo: Jim Goldberg—Magnum Photos

Printing Money on Instagram: A Guide for Photographers

Can Instagram offer a new revenue source to photographers? The agency Magnum Photos seems to think so as it is now selling a selection of prints from its roster of award-winning photographers through the photo-based social media platform.

Photo: Tommaso Protti

#LightBoxFF: 11 Photographers Capture the World Cup

This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME has partnered with the Photographic Museum of Humanity to curate #Teamphotogs, a team of 11 photographers from around the world using Instagram to document this year’s biggest sporting event, the 2014 World Cup. From Brazil’s soccer stadiums to cafes in Egypt, these photographers will bring a vast variety of perspectives to this month-long, world-wide event.

Photo by Emile Abinal

#LightBoxFF: Around the World with Street Artist JR

This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks with French artist JR (@jr), popular for his large-scale, black-and-white portraits of people which he’s been pasting on walls around the world for the past decade. In 2011, he launched the Inside Out participatory project, calling on people to print and share their own portraits. This week, his latest body of work can be seen on the walls of one of Paris’s great monuments, the Pantheon.

Photo: Brendan Hoffman—Prime Collective for Getty Images

#LightBoxFF: Brendan Hoffman in Eastern Ukraine

This week on #LightBoxFF, TIME speaks with Moscow-based photographer Brendan Hoffman (@hoffmanbrendan) – co-founder of the photography collective, Prime – about using Instagram to document the recent unrest in Eastern Ukraine and the civilian life that endures amid the violence.

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