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Photo: Inge Morath—The Inge Morath Foundation/Magnum

Danube Revisited: Nine Photographers Retrace Inge Morath’s Legendary Journey

For decades, photographer Inge Morath (1923-2002) chronicled the people and the ever-changing landscape along the Danube River. Now, nine photographers will attempt to retrace her steps in ‘Danube Revisited,' a tribute to and a broadening of her monumental project.

Top photograph: Jeff Jacobson. Bottom photograph: Henry Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson and his son, Henry, are each publishing a new photo book — Jeff his third, Henry his first — both with Daylight Books in 2013.  Jeff is currently conducting a print sale and Henry a Kickstarter to raise funds for the works.

While father and son duos have been seen before in the photo world, this duo brings a new twist to the idea of complementary work; both of them working with the most popular medium of their respective generations – Jeff in (the now extinct) Kodakchrome, Henry with an iPhone – on projects that have been personal journeys through uncertain life territories.  Taken individually, each project is compelling in its own artful and distinct way of seeing the world, while together, they create a complex narrative of family, connectivity, loss, love, and beauty.

Purchase advance copies of Jeff and Henry’s books — The Last Roll and Postcards Home — along with prints, postcards, and other goodies through Henry’s Kickstarter or Jeff’s print sale.

Newest addition to our curated Kickstarter page: Philly Photo Day 2012

My Grandmother, Stockton, Calif.

Between 1975-1979, 1.7 million Cambodians—a third of the country’s population— perished during the Killing Fields, one of the most horrific state-sponsored genocides of the twentieth century.  In the years since, over 150,000 Cambodians displaced in refugee camps along the Thai-Cambodian border resettled in the United States.

My immediate family is among the survivors.

-Pete Pin

Pete Pin, a Magnum Foundation Fellow, has been photographing Cambodian communities across the United States. He is now raising funds to continue this work. Support his Kickstarter project here, and come out to see Pete speak at the Half King on Sept. 18. 

See more of Pete’s work on LightBox.

Courtesy of the artist and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Only 48 hours to donate to Shane Lavalette’s kickstarter.

See his work here on LightBox.

Kabul, 1996, by Teun Voeten.

The Afghan box camera—a homemade wooden device known as the kamra-e-faoree, meaning “instant camera”—has been used to preserve memories in Afghanistan for generations. But it is in danger of being forgotten. See more here.

KICKSTARTER: Brian Shumway’s Happy Valley

It’s beyond cliché to say, “You can never go home again.” For the last 10 years, photographer Brian Shumway has been doing his best to turn this time-honored adage on its head, returning to his native Utah, a place known as “Happy Valley” to create a visual and emotional exploration of his own childhood and adolescence by photographing his siblings and their children.

Intrigued? — Read more about his project here on LightBox, and be sure to donate to his project on kickstarter.

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