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Photo: Joakim Eskildsen for TIME

Rum, Rhythm and Revolution: Joakim Eskildsen in Eastern Cuba

Photographer Joakim Eskildsen gives us a rare glimpse of Eastern Cuba, a region that differs greatly from the cosmopolitanism of Havana city.

2013 Grant Winner: “Remaining” by Cihad Caner

The Photographic Museum of Humanity announce the winners of their first annual Grant Prize. TIME’s Director of Photography Kira Pollack served as a judge alongside photographers Martin Parr and Sebastian Liste.

First place goes to the series “Remaining” by Cihad Caner, a photographer from Istanbul who made work about the current conflict in Syria. He writes: 

This series is not about the explosions, neither about the conflicts, nor dead people, but about the effects of war. It shows the relationship of the remaining people with the remaining places and their environments.

Second place goes to Nick Hannes' “The Continuity of Man,” and third place goes to Alejandro Cartagena's “The Car Poolers.”

Honorable Mentions include:

Ilona Szwarc's “American Girls”

Giorgio Barrera and Niccolò Rastrelli's “Andate in pace (go in peace)”

Tatyana Palyga's “Colorless Days”

Nick Ballon's “Ezekiel 36:36”

Maz Cabello Orcasitas' “Happy Days in the new quarters of the periphery of Lima”

The winner of the New Generation Prize, awarded to photographers under 25 years of age by the museum curators, is Diana Markosian for her series “Goodbye My Chechnya,” on the lives of young Muslim girls in the aftermath of war.

Three Honorable Mentions include:

Martina Cirese's “Asankojo”

Cristobal Olivares' “In Karen's Name”

Sam James Levine's “You can't get there from here”

The Public Favorite Prize, awarded by users of the museum, goes to M.A.f.I.A. for the series “Miss Trans 2013,” on the election of the “Trans Queen” that happens every year in the Argentinian city of Mar del Plata.

The Photographic Museum of Humanity, founded in 2012, is the first internet museum dedicated to photography, showcasing individual and collective series uploaded by photographers from all over the world. For more information head to http://www.photographicmuseum.com.

Instagram is revolutionizing the way that we communicate through images. It’s a vessel for a picture to reach a potentially massive audience in an instant. Once the picture is uploaded and reaches the followers of the specific feed; from there, it can reach thousands and perhaps millions of others through other social media.

One of the most unique aspects about Instagram is that it’s direct from the field— from photographer to viewer. By handing over TIME’s Instagram feed to a photographer covering a breaking news story—whether it’s Ed Kashi on Hurricane Sandy or Brooks Kraft on Obama’s election trail—we are giving the photographer the opportunity to file direct from the field to our viewers. No editor involved. That’s revolutionary.

TIME’s Director of Photography Kira Pollack (via: PHOTO JOURNAL: TIME MAGAZINE / LIGHTBOX: A SACRED PAUSE)

Gilles Peress for The New York Times, courtesy Aperture Books

As Aperture releases a new book that chronicles the New York Times Magazine’s iconic images over the last three decades, Kira Pollack reflects on the vision and influence of its longtime photo editor, Kathy Ryan. See more here

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