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Photograph by Ugo Lucio Borga—Echo

Life on a ‘Death River’ in Bangladesh: Photographer Ugo Borga documents the human and environmental catastrophe unfolding.

Photograph by Stephen Wilkes


Stephen Wilkes is not about that single moment, not exactly. He is, rather, a collector of moments, staking out a location until he has hoovered up enough of them to tell the story of a single place. At first, the panoramas in Day to Night can throw you, as if your brain briefly went off-kilter. Is that a storm closing in fast? Or an eclipse hovering just below the clouds? The reality is altogether more ordinary and yet somehow more striking: day and night—together. These are not the briefest of moments. They are many moments, as many as possible, collapsed and fused into one.

Read more about his process on LightBox.

Photograph by Philip Cheung

Photographer Philip Cheung spent the past five years as a newspaper photographer in the United Arab Emirates, photographing the country’s fast-changing landscapes. See his work on LightBox here.

Photograph by David Benjamin Sherry

Final days to see Wonderful Land by David Benjamin Sherry in Los Angeles. (closes May 17, 2013)

Click here for more photo events in May from The Guide.

Pictured: Winter Sunrise over Yosemite Valley, Yosemite, California, 2013.

Photograph by Lieko Shiga—Courtesy Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne

The striking pictures in Japanese artist Lieko Shiga’s series, Canary — currently on display at the Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam FOAM — reference the powerful metaphor of a canary in a coal mine. See a selection of the work on LightBox here.

Photograph by Thierry Cohen / Danziger Gallery, New York

Thierry Cohen’s dazzling photographs are rich in meaning and technicality, returning the stars to their rightful place above light-polluted cities. See the work here on LightBox.

Photograph by Walter Niedermayr, Aspen 10/2009, Courtesy Galerie Nordenhake Berlin / Stockholm, Galleria Suzy Shammah Milan

Alpine landscapes can be some of the most pristine and majestic vistas in the world. Photographer Walter Niedermayr’s images of the world’s most beautiful slopes are featured in The Aspen Series, a new book by Hatje Cantz. See the work on LightBox here.

Photograph by © Saul Leiter—Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Saul Leiter is an original — a spirited, self-effacing artist who followed his own vision. Seven decades after his first photographs and with a new documentary featuring his work, TIME sat down for a friendly conversation with the painter and photographer at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. Continue reading here.

Ivor Prickett—Panos for TIME

In this week’s issue of TIME, documentary photographer Ivor Prickett documented how the semi-autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq’s north is booming. See the work here on LightBox.

Photograph by Victoria Sambunaris

Victoria Sambunaris‘s photography is obsessed with the American landscape. Over the past decade, Sambunaris and her large format camera have traversed the country by car on what she describes as “seemingly every road, parkway, thruway, highway, freeway and turnpike between the coasts and beyond.” Her journey has produced spectacular imagery and a diverse body of work that contrasts geology and industry, and highlights her curiosity with man’s exploration and intrusion in nature. Her body of work, The Border focuses on the U.S.-Mexican border and is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Photo in Chicago. (with a public reception and lecture February 7th — 5-7pm)

See the work on LightBox here. For more information on the exhibition, visit the museum’s website here.

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