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Still from Kennedy’s Assassination: How LIFE Brought the Zapruder Film to Light

Former LIFE editor Richard Stolley shares the incredible story in this video interview of how he purchased the Zapruder film of JFK’s murder — “the most famous home movie in American history” — for LIFE magazine fifty years ago.

Though many of Leen’s assignments were quite pedestrian—her photos have titles like “A Couple Looking for a House to Buy,” “Children Attending a Birthday Party,” and “American Women Playing Bridge”—her images are packed with as much violence, sexual tension, and mystery as any David Lynch film. Her photos wouldn’t look out of place next to Cindy Sherman’s on a gallery wall. But, unlike Lynch or Sherman, Leen found tension in the real world, and her subjects weren’t actors—they were just everyday people living out their lives.

The Surreal World of Nina Leen, via The New Yorker

Photograph by Sophie Butcher

COLOR RUSH opens at the Milwaukee Art Museum today and will remain on view until May 19th. Katherine Bussard and Lisa Hostetler have curated a show that reflects on the history of color photography. Both the exhibition and accompanying book begins with the 1907 unveiling of autochrome and takes the viewer through elaborate magazine pages, gallery walls, advertisements, photojournalism and art that illustrate how color photography came to life. For more information, click here.

On the 75th anniversary of the launch of LIFE Magazine, we take a look at David Douglas Duncan’s most iconic images from the Korean War. Duncan is the last of LIFE’s legendary photographers who is still alive. See more here

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