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Greg Miller has been photographing Ash Wednesday for over 13 years now. Here’s what he sees when he looks into the ground glass. (and see the final work here on his website)

Below, backstory on the work from a previous blog post:

The beauty of Ash Wednesday is that very ordinary people, heading to the train, to work or school, exercise the simple act of wearing their faith for this one day a year. A very old ritual against the backdrop of modern society.

As a photographer it is something of a ritual for me as well. When I began the project in 1997, I wasn’t planning on shooting Ash Wednesday but walking around on the street to photograph… anything. One of those days happened to be Ash Wednesday. Because of my relative unease with the camera back then, I used to center the subject and have them engage the camera. Now I do anything I can to avoid people posing or looking in the camera. But for the sake of continuity I return to this way of photographing people, sort of a testimonial portrait, for one day a year.

Lake Casitas, CA 8, 2009. Chromogenic print soaked in Lake Casitas water.

Matthew Brandt, whose work is featured in a show at Yossi Milo Gallery in New York City, makes photographs that are ‘of’ his subjects in two senses of the word. See more here.

Spectrum 2, 2009

Canadian photographer Jessica Eaton, who recently won the photography prize at the 2012 Hyères Festival, uses her camera to create color invisible to the naked eye. Learn more about how she does it—and why—here.

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