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Photograph by Reuters

Feb. 13, 2014. An activist from the “Right Sector” anti-government protest group presents a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend in front of fellow activists near the site of previous clashes with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine. 

From the most reputable gay club in Sochi and a sinkhole at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky to the Westminster Dog Show in New York and the killing of the healthy giraffe, Marius, at the Copenhagen Zoo, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by ddp images/Sipa USA

Jan. 26, 2014. Mourners attend the funeral service at Sankt-Michael-Cathredal for Mikhail Zhiznevsky, 25, an anti-government protester who was killed in clashes with police in Kiev, Ukraine.

From snowstorms crippling the American South and ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on trial in Cairo to celebrations marking the Chinese New Year and Pope-inspired superhero street art in Rome, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Ross McDonnell

A quiet, poignant photograph from Kiev’s front lines taken on Jan. 27, 2014. Claims have been made that right wing militants are hijacking the Ukrainian uprising. On Monday evening a group of recruits went through military tactical exercises in Independence square.

See more of Ross McDonnell’s photos from Euromaidan and read his firsthand account on LightBox.

Photograph by Maxim Dondyuk

Jan. 20, 2014. A protester set fire a Molotov cocktail during clashes with police in central Kiev, Ukraine.

From protests turning deadly in Ukraine and a controversial dolphin hunt in Japan to the icy Orthodox Christian rituals of Epiphany and glow-in-the-dark couture at Paris Fashion Week, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Mohammed Elshamy—Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Dec. 27, 2013. Egyptian pro-democracy protestors and police clash during a demonstration against Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘terrorist label’ in the Alf Maskan district of Cairo, Egypt.

From celebrations ringing in 2014 around the world and the swearing in of New York City’s new mayor to crackdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the first legal sales of recreational marijuana in the United States, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Dzhavakhadze Zurab—Itar-Tass/Corbis

Supporters of European integration clash with riot police during a protest against government’s decision to delay signing a trade deal with the European Union, in Kiev, Ukraine, December 1, 2013.

See 2013: The Year in Global Protest on TIME.com.

Photograph by Joshua Lott—Reuters

Sept. 17, 2013. A Bank of India worker watches from a window as Occupy Wall Street protesters march along 47th Street in New York during the second anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park.

From the Washington Navy Yard shooting and the second Occupy Wall Street anniversary to tiger-men and rabbit-women, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Ozan Kose—AFP/Getty Images

Aug. 5, 2013. A protestor throws back a tear gas canister during clashes with police blocking the access to a courthouse in Silivri, near Istanbul, after a court decision to sentence a former army chief and other top brass to life in prison in a high-profile trial of 275 people accused of plotting to overthrow the Islamic-rooted government.

From heavy flooding in Pakistan and Eid al-Fitr celebrations around the world to wildfires in Spain and an elephant funeral in India, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Kerim Okten—EPA

June 11, 2013. A protestor hit by pressurized water sprayed from a riot police water cannon during clashes in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

From ceremonies marking the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre and continued unrest in Turkey to the recovery of a rare World War II German bomber from the sea and the newly renovated Nelson Mandela Center in South Africa, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

Photograph by Daniel Etter—Redux

"I never expected this to happen," photographer Daniel Etter tells TIME. "I chose to live in Istanbul because I wanted to have a city where I’m close to the big news stories, but still live in a stable and peaceful and quiet place."

This week, protests in Taksim Square — around the corner from Etter’s apartment — turned violent when police unleashed water cannons and massive amounts of tear gas on environmentalists demonstrating against the government’s plan to demolish Gezi Park and turn it into a mall.

"It’s a tiny park in the middle of an ocean of concrete," Etter explains. "It’s not very impressive and nobody really used it, but it’s one of the last remaining green spaces in the city and it became symbolic."

The violent removal of the demonstrators ignited “nation-wide solidarity and protests against the government,” he says, which is led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"It’s a strange coalition of opposition groups," Etter says. "Mostly the secular young, but there are all kinds of other people mixed in."

For several days, Etter documented the events in his neighborhood, capturing the iconic frame above on June 1, 2013, featured in this week’s LightBox Pictures of the Week gallery.

"He was always on top of this barricade," Etter says of the man pictured waving the Turkish flag, "and he didn’t have a mask. He was just totally exposed to the tear gas. He stood there and waved the flag for a few minutes until he couldn’t take it anymore and collapsed. He went back up again and did the same thing — wave the flag, collapse, go back."

"He was determined," he says. "I don’t know how people manage to throw stones and keep going. The amount of tear gas that is shot at the protestors — even with a mask, I was almost fainting in between shots."

Etter’s image went viral on social media and drew comparisons to Eugène Delacroix’s dramatic 1830 painting commemorating the French Revolution, Liberty Leading The People.

"The body language and the waving flags and the smoke in the background and the fire are very similar," Etter says, "but you can’t really compare these two events, they’re nowhere close to in relation."

The one similarity, he concedes: “people here in Istanbul are so keen to get change.”

—Eugene Reznik

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