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Photographs by Costică Acsinte—Courtesy of Costică Acsinte Archive/Flickr

A Romanian WWI photographer’s 5000 unseen glass plate portraits — beautifully surreal and rapidly deteriorating — are entirely in the Public Domain and finally being digitized 30 years after his death.

Read more on LightBox.

Pictured: Scott Newkirk installation (partial), 2011 by Dietmar Busse

It’s rare to encounter a body of work as wholly original as Dietmar Busse’s extraordinary series, Fauna and Flora. An amalgamation of photography and painting, the pieces in the series manifest a beauty that occasionally veers into dark, dreamlike realms. See more on LightBox.

Red Home by Nicolas Dhervillers

Photographer Nicolas Dhervillers combined modern landscapes with historical images to create his latest body of work, ‘My Sentimental Archives.’ See more on LightBox.

Graeme Whipps—Rex / Rex USA

March 3, 2012. An amateur astronomer captures a meteor or meteorite near his home in Northern Scotland.

From thousands of spiders in Australia and a massive ruptured ice wall in Argentina to the aftermath of the U.S. tornadoes and the wake of last year’s Japanese tsunami, TIME’s photo department presents a selection of surprising and surreal vistas from the past week. See more here.

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