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Photograph by Adam Dean—Panos for TIME

Seven Days of Tragedy: Photographer Adam Dean Recounts Covering Typhoon Haiyan for TIME.

Susan Aman searches through the remains of her father’s home, which had been located on Kissam Avenue, but was carried by the flood water into the marsh along Mill Road. She believes that she is crouching on top of what had been her father’s bedroom. (Photo: Eugene Richards for TIME)

TIME assigned photographer Eugene Richards to document the devastation on Staten Island following Superstorm Sandy. Over four days, Richards recorded the total destruction in the communities along the island’s South Shore, illustrating the storm’s deep impact across the entire borough. See more on LightBox

The brother of Abdul Latif Qureya, who was killed, mourns the loss of at least seven family members

Photographer Nicole Tung writes for LightBox about the horror she witnessed during the battle between Assad loyalists and the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo, Syria. 

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